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QuickBooks is outstanding accounting software and fulfills the requirements of small and mid-sized companies to process the record of financial reports and transactions. It helps immensely by providing some great features to its users and converts their data in meaningful information with ease. Now if you don’t know how to manage QuickBooks bill online you can contact at  QuickBooks Tech Support    and get the detailed guidance. However, this article will also try to solve your problem with a step-by-step guide and make you able to manage QuickBooks bill online with a professional approach.

Easy steps to manage QuickBooks bill online:

Managing QuickBooks bill online is not a complex exercise and one can perform the process with some easy steps. You need to follow these steps carefully and get the job done.

  1. Enter Bill in QuickBooks online

To initiate the process and enter the accounts payable in QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Vendors” option

  • You can find the “Enter Bills” option underneath the “Vendors or Supplier” option

  • Press the “Enter Bills”

  • Open scroll down menu and select the “Supplier” option

  • Now select bill date, due date and terms then fill your expense account or and select from the list

  • Fill out the complete description of the bill and then the total amount and additional tax rate

  • Now press “Save” Button and then “Close”

  • Press the ‘Save’ tab followed by ‘Close’ tab.


  1. Pay Bills in QuickBooks online

QuickBooks offers it, users, a facility to pay bills directly from the suppliers or vendors page. There are many ways to do it but here is the fastest and easiest way to complete the process.

  • Go to the “Suppliers” option

  • Now you need to press the “Pay bills” button and you will have two options. You can choose pending bills or due bills

  • Verify it and hit the “Supplier bill” button

  • Now you will get the related information of the bill

  • Then you can enter the amount to pay and choose the required account

  • Hit the “Pay Selected Bills” button and in a few seconds the process will be done

  • Now press “Save” and close the tab

Get the full support at QuickBooks customer support

You can follow these above-mentioned on your own and can get the process done without any expert help. However, if you find some issues and or find it difficult to process the exercise by yourself you can get expert support who will tell you the process step-by-step guiding you at best. All you need is to contact at  QuickBooks Technical Support Number    and get fully customized expert support and in an easy manner, you can process the billing and payment exercise.


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The Sage 50 Connection Manager handles access to the MySQL database. The Connection Manager is responsible for updating data changes in real-time so that you do not need to manually save the changes. It is important to install the Connection Manager on the server or the computer that stores your company data. This article will help different situations to help you install the Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager on the server. You can also call the Sage customer support number and ask for additional information in case you are not sure about how to proceed. There are four situations within which you need to install the Sage software.
Steps to install Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager on Server
When you want to install the Connection Manager on the server you need to make sure the same version of the Sage 50 Connection Manager is installed and running on the server as well as the workstation. You can refer to the steps below to complete the installation:
Option I: Download the Program
• Login to the server location and download the Sage 50 software
• Run the file, select your language and then click ‘Install’ to proceed
• Select the option to configure your Windows firewall to work with Sage 50
• If nobody uses the program on the server click ‘Advanced’
• For the Sage 50 Server Components click ‘Server-only’
• Once the process is complete click ‘Finish’ and exit Sage
Option II: Full Product is downloaded on another system
• Go to ‘My Computer’, open the ‘C’ drive and locate the Sage folder
• Click Sage 50 Accounting Installer Files-CDN Release
• For the release, you will need to enter the correct version of Sage
• Use a USB key or a shared drive to copy the folder to the server
• Go to the server, run the ‘Launch.exe.’ file and click ‘Install Sage 50’
• Choose the language and select ‘Yes’ for the Windows firewall setup
• From the two options, typical and advanced, select ‘Advanced’
• Click ‘Server-only’ and wait for Sage 50 to finish installing
Option III: Update was already installed on another system
• Turn on the system that already has the update installed
• Open the ‘C’ driver and navigate to the Sage Software folder
• Go to ‘Simply Accounting’ and select ‘Download’
• Go through the list and find the latest update installed
• It will most probably look like this “2019: SA_20191CPCP1.exe
• Go ahead and copy this file to the server or a USB stick
• You can run this update on the server and it will automatically update the Sage 50 Connection Manager
Option IV: Update was installed on another system but without USB Drive
• Visits ‘’ and select "Sage 50 --Canadian Edition"
• Go to the Knowledgebase and look for "Popular Downloads"
• Select the correct Sage 50 software you want and press "Download Now"
• Save the download and run it on your computer to install the required updates on Sage.
If you are not sure about the steps mentioned in this article you should call the Sage customer support numberand speak to a certified expert to clarify your doubts before you proceed.

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AOL email is quite a sophisticated email service that provides a complete assurance of security and proper email ecosystem to maintain a quality user experience. It the most used email service with a gesture of complete satisfaction. AOL email presents a greater atmosphere of quality features that are such advanced that you need not to apply any hacks to enhance the performance. The most influential features that are quite a useful tool is to merge your mailbox.
You may have been using multiple AOL account for different purposes such as a family account for the communication with family members, business account to easily communicate with your business assistance and some other groups that you have created to communicate with. Now it makes you communicate with them in an easy way it also makes it harder to access the emails all the time with a different account to check those emails. Now with the mailbox merge feature, you can enjoy a time-saving application that allows checking your emails at one place. To activate this feature you need some simple steps that this article is going to tell. Also, you can call at AOL Phone Number
for further assistance.
Follow these steps to merge AOL mailbox:
Step 1.
You need to log in your AOL mail that is obviously the first requirement. By entering the correct username and password you can initiate the process.
Step 2.
Now, look at the top of your AOL mail where you can find “Settings” option. You need to click on this option and open the settings menu where you need to select the “Mail accounts” top go to the mail accounts settings.
Step 3.
In the mail accounts setting you to need to press the “ Add” button.
Step 4.
Now be careful this step is important. When you click the “Add” button a window will open which will ask for your alternate email. You have to fill out the complete information such as your alternate email address, your name, incoming and outgoing mail server addresses, and the username and password as well.
Step 5.
This is the final process Where you need to just click on “ Save” button and you will be done with the process to merge your AOL mailbox.
Get the AOL email customer support:
You can simply follow these process to get the job done but several times you fail to complete the process. If this also is happening with you, you should call at AOL Phone Number
and get the maximum support to solve your issue in an easy process.
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Import and export mail and other data with AOL Desktop Gold

It has been seen that the need to import and export mail and other data with AOL Desktop Gold has significantly grown. There have been several queries which have come up in regard to this aspect. Most often it has been seen that when the user aol gold install on a new system, they come across this requirement to transfer their data from their old system to the new one. The most efficient way to undertake this process has been explained in this blog. Through this blog, you would be able to import and export mail and personal data to another computer, from a previous version of Desktop Gold and even from a PFC file. The things that you must keep in mind and the steps that you must strictly follow has been stated below for your convenience.

Process of Importing mail and personal data to another computer

You can easily import and export your personal data to a file that can be easily transferred to another system. Personal data may include anything from emails, favorites, address book, and even settings. The steps to be followed are:

  • You would have to sign into reinstall aol desktop gold

  • Further click on the settings icon

  • In the general settings, select the option of ‘My data Tab’

  • Now choose the option of Import or Export

  • Then select the file you want to import or export

  • If you wish to export, then you would have to create a password. You would have to present this password while importing this information onto another computer.

  • Once you have imported your personal data, you would then have access to it in AOL Desktop Gold.


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Process of Importing mail and data from a previous version of Desktop Gold

When you use the Import Wizard, it would look for older installation of Desktop Gold. If found, then it would import your mail, toolbar icons, usernames, saved passwords and more. The steps for this are as given below:

  • Firstly sign into AOL Desktop Gold

  • Then click on the ‘File’ option which is on top of the Menu bar

  • The select the Import Wizard.

  • You would then have to click on ‘OK’ to initiate the import process.

  • In the end, click on ‘OK’ to close the confirmation Window.

Process for manually importing data from a PFC file

Using this feature you would be able to manually navigate to a PFC file which is on your computer and to import data from that file. The steps for this process are:

  • Sign into AOL Desktop Gold

  • Then click on the icon of Settings

  • When you are in the general settings, choose the ‘My Data tab’

  • Then click on PFC Import and select your file.

  • Once you have imported your personal data, you would then have access to it on your Desktop Gold

If you are looking to install aol gold on a new system, then following the above-given steps would aid you to import your files to the new system. You can follow the steps accurately which would help you successfully complete the process of importing.

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