Thursday May 24, 2018

Technology is rapidly making its way in every sphere of life. Today it becomes an integral part of our life. We are somehow dependent on it. Internet, website, chatting, etc play a crucial part in our life. If we want to search something then we just search it on search engines, if we want to send important files or data then emails are there to help us, chatting is often very necessary to keep in touch with the friends and family members. But the cyber attack is also important thing from which we should aware ourselves and keep ourselves safe.

There are many search engines, emails service provider which offered their services but there is no security of user information o data. Therefore today we need a system that ensures the safety of our information in this virtual world of internet and technology and America Online, commonly known as AOL, somehow ensured the safety of our data.

AOL is the United States based multinational company headquartered in New York. (AOL also has a very famous application named AOL Desktop Gold
AOL Desktop Gold. The company comes into existence on 24th May 1985 as Quantum Computing Services. So it’s more than 30 years for AOL to serve the entire world with its world-class services.

Quantum was renamed as America Online in 1991. In 1993, America Online firstly introduced its own very popular email addresses, a window version and internet access to its users. With 30 million paying members in the year 2000, AOL was the largest internet service provider in the world. On 23rd June 2015, Verizon acquired the AOL for $4.4 billion. Since then Verizon is taking care of all the activities. Tim Armstrong is the current CEO of the AOL.

Today AOL email is one of the oldest and best email services providers around the world. It is a free web-based email service provider and has millions of users. The features of AOL email make it one of the best email service networks.

Some of the features of AOL email are given below

• 25 MB mail attachment limit– AOL offer one 25 MB file attachment limit for its users
• Unlimited Inbox email storage– It is one of the rare features of AOL as users can store unlimited emails in their inbox
• Supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols- For the users other than Mac and Windows, like Linux, AOL supports the given protocols
• Spam protection- AOL has the better spam mail protection as compared to other email service provider
• Virus protection– With AOL email, users are automatically safe from the attack of the unwanted viruses.
• Other mail account linking– Now users easily link other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. to their AOL account and so access them from the single account.
• Spelling check– These are some different features of AOL through which user can check their spelling in sending emails
• Support SSL/HTTPS– for the security reason America Online also support SSL or HTTPS security features.
• Encrypted Emails– This is one of the best features of AOL emails. The encrypted email facility lets the users give extra protection to their sending emails so that it remains safe from the hackers attack. The encrypted emails give a coed form to the sending emails so that only sender and receiver have the access to that mail.

Therefore the above features make AOL one of the trusted brands in the world. Security of user information is also ensured over AOL network.

Creativity is very necessary for the development of any technology. AOL knows it very well and therefore certain updates come from time to time for AOL products. The one innovative features of AOL comes in the form of AOL Desktop Gold. It is one of the best applications and has so many advanced features.

AOL Desktop Gold is not only providing email services but users can also browse any website, have a conversation with friends and family members, content search and more. All these features dealing with advanced AOL security. The application is based on advanced technology and it is auto updated. User credentials are automatically transferred to the updated version. Therefore user does not need to manually update it.

AOL and its application are based on latest technology. It has advanced features. Therefore some users find it difficult to understand its features. Some of the common glitches which a user can find in AOL are

• Sign-in error
• Problem in password recovery
• Unable to AOL Gold Download
• Face errors to Install AOL Gold
• Set-up problem
• Email recovery issues
• Spam mails issues
• Problem in linking other mail accounts to
AOL account
• Problem in creating AOL account
• Desktop icon missing
• Issues in importing contacts

Above are some general issues which a user could find while using AOL. Therefore they need technical guidance from AOL experts to resolve these issues. We have a team of skilled technicians aware of the AOL and its features. The technical experts have sound knowledge in AOL domain and have experienced many years to resolve users query. Some of the features of our AOL technical team are

• 24/7 Accessibility- We are working all the day in a week which
means users can contact us anytime in all 365 days in a week.
Technicians are always available to resolve your queries.
• 100% Solution- We provide 100% solution to each query of the
user at a nominal price. You just give us a call on +1-844-443-
• Assistance by Experts- Our team has AOL experts. With the
immense knowledge, they are capable to resolve any AOL issues.
• Remote Assistance- We provide online assistance through advanced
remote assistance tool.

So you need to contact the experts whenever you face glitches in using AOL. Our experts are available 24*7 on the AOL Gold

Note: Account activity is necessary on AOL account. If your AOL account remains inactive for 90 days period then it may become deactivated. So not a single mail is delivered to you after that and mail is automatically returned to sender. And after 180 days of inactivity, your AOL account gets deleted by the AOL and then you need to create new AOL account.

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Acer is a known brand which has several products in its pocket but the major products are computer and laptop. You can find many in the market, but can’t be compared with Acer as it is based on highly sophisticated technology in comparison to other available brands. It comprised several qualities which provide an edge over other products. Well, it is not exceptional from the others as you might face some technical errors while using the Acer laptop. In that case, you have an option to resolve the error by following the steps which are provided over here or you can reach out to Acer Customer Service Number where you will get the assistance from qualified and experienced technicians within a short span of time.

Apart from some amazing features and functions in Acer laptop, you might confront some technical errors too, but you have not to worry as you can get the solution over here-

1 Acer Laptop Showing Black Screen
Display is disabled – It is a possibility that while starting or working on the laptop, the display of the laptop disabled accidentally.
Dim Brightness – Well, you can increase the brightness of Acer Aspire by pressing the Fn key along with the left key to the level which is okay for your eyes.

2 Running Speed of Acer Aspire is Slow
Due to Internet Connection – If you are facing any issue in loading the page then it might be due to Internet speed. There is a possibility of many users are using the Wi-Fi or the slow speed could be the reason.
Upgrading the RAM – One more reason it could be RAM issue as it is not properly configured according to requirement. In order to rectify the issue, you are required to increase the RAM of your laptop.

3 Acer Aspire Laptop is not Getting Power ON
AC Adapter not Working – You have ensured it whether AC Adapter is working properly or not. To check if you have to see it that adapter is plugged in and a light is shown on it then it is working fine otherwise, you need to replace the adapter and that is the only solution for this problem.
Broken Battery – After checking the Adapter which is working fine you are required to let laptop to charge properly for few minutes its say 20 min as there might be a charging issue and if it is still showing the same problem then the battery needs to be replaced.

As it can be seen that you can resolve the issues without any effort as you have to just follow some steps and by doing so you will be able to rectify the issue in an instant manner. If ever you confront any kind of error while following the process then you are required no to worry as there is another option to resolve the errors Acer Customer Care usa Number where you will be assisted by the Qualified and experienced experts who will help you in resolving the issue.

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Tuesday May 22, 2018

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Friday May 18, 2018

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Thursday May 17, 2018

As the network of computer is increasing so are increasing viral attacks ,virus infected e-mails and also other types of malwares and spywares in order to keep the system protected from al l such unwanted harmful elements one needs antivirus systems like AVG it will not only clean the virus present in the system but will also predict viral attacks of near future and will work accordingly, but at some instances one might get in some or the other technical issue while installing, reinstalling or operating in order to get all such issues resolved accurately, efficiently and with in short span of time one needs to get in touch with the well trained technology experts in the field of AVG anti-virus. More help visit here