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QuickBooks does wonders for businesses which are overburdened with never-ending accounting paperwork and complicated payroll calculations. The accounting software is developed by Intuit, consisting of different accounting tools to simplify the financial and accounting process and optimize your business.
Based on the rules of sales tax for a particular territory in which you run your business, you are required to collect either GST, HST, or a combination of GST and PST. With the help of QuickBooks, users can keep a reliable and accurate record of the taxes in order to monitor and remit them to the tax-collecting agency. So before setting up your sales tax items, do not forget to check the requirements of the tax agency. You can connect with quickbooks technical support number to know the right steps following which you will be able to set up sales tax in QuickBooks account. Before doing so, you can also have a look at the following steps, which will probably help you complete the setup process correctly:
Set up sales tax in QuickBooks account:
 Step 1: You first have to visit the ‘Edit’ menu and then choose ‘Preferences.’
 Step 2: Now, click on ‘Sales tax’ on the Preference window and go to the company Preferences tab
 Step 3: There, you need to click on ‘Yes’ to turn sales tax on
 Step 4: Further, you would have to set up the sales tax groups and tax items for each district, city, country, etc., from where you collect the tax. Tap on ‘Add sales tax item’ to perform this.
 Step 5: Allot sales tax code, which allows you to keep track of non-taxable and taxable sales or customers. By allocating the correct sales tax code, you can run a report which divides non-taxable and taxable sales. Two tax codes are automatically created once you turn on the sales tax in QuickBooks, and those are TAX and NON.
 Step 6: You would then be required to select the basis of Sales tax, whether it be Accrual or Cash. Consider your company’s preference and accounting while doing this.
 Step 7: Then, select the preference for paying the tax (Quarterly, monthly, or annually)
 Step 8: Select ‘OK’ after performing all the steps.
You will end up setting up the sales tax in QuickBooks account once you execute the steps mentioned above. In case you come across any disruption while implementing these steps or if you could not set up the sales tax even after following them, do not hesitate to ring up quickbooks customer support to speak to professionals regarding the matter.

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An American printing brand, the Hewlett Packard, founded in 1984, has been leading the printing market now for too long. Because of its high demand, it is owing to its competitive rates, having plenty of varieties varying from personal, shared, virtual, and 3D models suiting the customer’s requirements. Just like any technical equipment, printers too are prone to repairing and failure. Printer, not printing, is one such common issue for HP printer users. This issue can result from various reasons, from connectivity issues to faulty configurations or drivers. Some of which are listed below which can either be resolved by troubleshooting steps or you can get in touch with the hp printer tech support for any type of help:
• You might not have set your wireless printer as the default printer.
• Sometimes due to harmful viruses, the print jobs might get canceled automatically.
• At times an outdated driver can be the main reason for this error.
• If all the necessary update is not installed on your system, then also this error can appear.
If you are struggling to find a proper fix, you can give the methods as follows a try. They can help you fix your HP printer won’t print problems. Below are the steps to fix HP Wireless printer not printing issue:
Step 1: First tap on the ink level option tab, check the estimated ink level of your HP Printer. When you click, it will automatically appear what amount of ink is remaining.
Step 2: Then load the paper into the paper tray, tap and hold the cancel button and press the start copy color button. Doing this will allow the printer to print a self-test report.
Step 3: Now, identity which cartridges are printed with the areas that are needed for the self-test report.
Step 4: Then look for the defects by taking the cartridges out of the printer.
Step 5: And finally clean the cartridge heads with the help of a wet wipe and let them rest for a while and then put them back in their respective places and restart the printer.
There can be an issue like paper jams, fading output prints, ghosting, or toner spreads that you might stuck your work. If, after executing all the above-mentioned steps, your problem is not resolved, then you can reach out to the hp printer customer care number for further assistance where the representatives will guide you accordingly.

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Friday Dec 13, 2019

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is an easy-to-go service offered by the U.S. Department of Treasury. This service is free and is used by the IRS for employer tax payments. It provides convenience and flexibility to make the tax payments with the use of QuickBooks application. When you sign up for EFTPS, you will be assigned a password and a four-digit PIN. QuickBooks uses your PIN to verify your identity and look after your personal account. You will need to enter your security password and PIN when you submit an electronic payment to EFTPS through QuickBooks. In this blog, we will enlighten you, How to Change EFTPS Password for both QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions, but before that, you must keep Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), PIN, and Internet Password handy. And if you get stuck anywhere in-between while following the steps, you can reach out to the quickbooks customer care for further assistance.


After following the steps mentioned above, further actions are not required on the part of QBO users, the only thing you need to do is to authorize QB to pay taxes and file the tax forms on your behalf. The steps to change the password are listed below:

Step 1: Start by clicking on the 'Taxes' from the navigation bar on the left.
Step 2: Select the 'Payroll Tax' option.
Step 3: Then click on the 'Edit your e-file and e-pay setup link.'
Step 4: Select the E-file and e-pay and enter the states you want to enroll for tax filing.
Step 5: If the automatic bank connection option is prompted, follow those to connect the bank automatically.


The users who are enrolled in the QuickBooks Desktop versions and use E-pay must update EFTPS Internet Password in QBD. This change must be made before making the e-payment. The process to accomplish the same is as listed below:

Step 1: Click on the 'Pay Liabilities' tab from the Payroll Center.
Step 2: From the 'Pay Taxes and Other Liabilities' section, select the 'Federal Liability' to e-pay.
Step 3: Click on 'View/Pay' and see that E-payment must be selected.
Step 4: After ensuring the above select E-pay option.
Step 5: A checkbox of ‘Remember My Information’ for next time will pop up. Clear that checkbox.
Step 6: Then enter the new 4-Digit PIN and then EFTPS Internet Password.
Step 7: Fill any other missing information and click on ‘Submit.’

For the users who rely on QuickBooks for the task of paying taxes and filling the forms, the process to Change EFTPS Password in QuickBooks is essential. In case you are stuck with any step while you Change Login Password, you can call on the quickbooks customer service. The qualified professional help you go through the process smoothly. This, in return, ensures that you remain sorted while QuickBooks does the taxpaying task for you.

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