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AOL email is quite a sophisticated email service that provides a complete assurance of security and proper email ecosystem to maintain a quality user experience. It the most used email service with a gesture of complete satisfaction. AOL email presents a greater atmosphere of quality features that are such advanced that you need not to apply any hacks to enhance the performance. The most influential features that are quite a useful tool is to merge your mailbox.
You may have been using multiple AOL account for different purposes such as a family account for the communication with family members, business account to easily communicate with your business assistance and some other groups that you have created to communicate with. Now it makes you communicate with them in an easy way it also makes it harder to access the emails all the time with a different account to check those emails. Now with the mailbox merge feature, you can enjoy a time-saving application that allows checking your emails at one place. To activate this feature you need some simple steps that this article is going to tell. Also, you can call at AOL Phone Number
for further assistance.
Follow these steps to merge AOL mailbox:
Step 1.
You need to log in your AOL mail that is obviously the first requirement. By entering the correct username and password you can initiate the process.
Step 2.
Now, look at the top of your AOL mail where you can find “Settings” option. You need to click on this option and open the settings menu where you need to select the “Mail accounts” top go to the mail accounts settings.
Step 3.
In the mail accounts setting you to need to press the “ Add” button.
Step 4.
Now be careful this step is important. When you click the “Add” button a window will open which will ask for your alternate email. You have to fill out the complete information such as your alternate email address, your name, incoming and outgoing mail server addresses, and the username and password as well.
Step 5.
This is the final process Where you need to just click on “ Save” button and you will be done with the process to merge your AOL mailbox.
Get the AOL email customer support:
You can simply follow these process to get the job done but several times you fail to complete the process. If this also is happening with you, you should call at AOL Phone Number
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Import and export mail and other data with AOL Desktop Gold

It has been seen that the need to import and export mail and other data with AOL Desktop Gold has significantly grown. There have been several queries which have come up in regard to this aspect. Most often it has been seen that when the user aol gold install on a new system, they come across this requirement to transfer their data from their old system to the new one. The most efficient way to undertake this process has been explained in this blog. Through this blog, you would be able to import and export mail and personal data to another computer, from a previous version of Desktop Gold and even from a PFC file. The things that you must keep in mind and the steps that you must strictly follow has been stated below for your convenience.

Process of Importing mail and personal data to another computer

You can easily import and export your personal data to a file that can be easily transferred to another system. Personal data may include anything from emails, favorites, address book, and even settings. The steps to be followed are:

  • You would have to sign into reinstall aol desktop gold

  • Further click on the settings icon

  • In the general settings, select the option of ‘My data Tab’

  • Now choose the option of Import or Export

  • Then select the file you want to import or export

  • If you wish to export, then you would have to create a password. You would have to present this password while importing this information onto another computer.

  • Once you have imported your personal data, you would then have access to it in AOL Desktop Gold.


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Process of Importing mail and data from a previous version of Desktop Gold

When you use the Import Wizard, it would look for older installation of Desktop Gold. If found, then it would import your mail, toolbar icons, usernames, saved passwords and more. The steps for this are as given below:

  • Firstly sign into AOL Desktop Gold

  • Then click on the ‘File’ option which is on top of the Menu bar

  • The select the Import Wizard.

  • You would then have to click on ‘OK’ to initiate the import process.

  • In the end, click on ‘OK’ to close the confirmation Window.

Process for manually importing data from a PFC file

Using this feature you would be able to manually navigate to a PFC file which is on your computer and to import data from that file. The steps for this process are:

  • Sign into AOL Desktop Gold

  • Then click on the icon of Settings

  • When you are in the general settings, choose the ‘My Data tab’

  • Then click on PFC Import and select your file.

  • Once you have imported your personal data, you would then have access to it on your Desktop Gold

If you are looking to install aol gold on a new system, then following the above-given steps would aid you to import your files to the new system. You can follow the steps accurately which would help you successfully complete the process of importing.

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The registration process is quite easy. This article features a step by step guide anyone can follow to get a new email.
Quickbooks support - It is recommended that you first think carefully and then proceed to change the inventory items to non-inventory with the QuickBooks software as changing the item type can put the financials to risk. When you will implement the change, the transactions will be modified and you will be taken back to scratch and sometimes even the financial statements can get modified too. You can read this blog further on, if you want to change the item type and can also get some of the alternative solutions. It is always suggested that when scenario’s like this are involved, you must consult with the accounting experts and take their opinion too. You can talk to the QuickBooks customer service

Before you jump on the process to change the inventory type it is highly recommended that you create a backup of the data. For that, you can read the steps that have been mentioned below.

Steps to back up your data and securing the financials first:
• Sign in to the QuickBooks account and go to the file option in the menu.
• Right click on the file and select the option to create a copy from the given list.
• Now save the copy to a local drive or on the desktop.
• After that click Finish and you will be able to secure your data.

The process to change the item type in QuickBooks
• Login to the QuickBooks account and go to the home page or dashboard.
• Search for reports and click on that.
• You will be able to see a list option. From that navigate to the item list.
• Once done you will be able to view the list of all the items that you can change to non-inventory items.
• Now click the modify report button and then select the filters.
• Now choose the type button and the inventory. You have to choose a said category when you will click on the type button so as to view the list of the items that fall under that specific category.
• Print the report for future reference so as to match the changes.
• Go to the list tab again and choose the item list.
• Then click on the item and choose new. Now select your type category as non-inventory.
• Provide the details that are different from the existing item type and fill the name and the number field.
• Follow the same steps for each and every inventory item until you have completed the process.

After that, you will be required to make your inventory inactive. To understand how it is done you can get in touch with the technical experts at QuickBooks customer care for further help. They will be able to help you in a guided and informed way.

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