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One of the nation's top vacation locations has long been the (beautiful to look at) and beautiful Grand Canyon. While some people study travel books offering foreign fun trips there is one of the greatest thrills in the world waiting for them in the western part of/amount of the United States. The amazing beauty of this natural wonder has attracted families and people for years and there are some Grand Canyon vacation rental Packages that are certain to be the right fit for you and your group.

This Luxury Grand Canyon Vacation Rental is almost the same in shape to the letter "C" and the bridge you cross spans the mighty Colorado River. This bridge is built from glass and the views are simply amazing but may be too intense for those with a fear of heights. This is a guided tour and cameras will not be permitted but you will have a chance to buy photos from the tour guides. There are also some great package tours that can include any combination of fun activities that allow vacationing families to decorate (with a personal touch) their canyon trip.

A Grand Canyon Bus Tour is a wonderful way to set out to see the places/locations and these tours usually include narration and written/statements of opinion by skilled guides, park fees, lunch, and a guided park tour. All of the cabin rentals in az are fully prepared with AC, modern seating and an onboard restroom. These bus tours also provide guests with photo opportunities at special places/locations like the lakes in northern Arizona and Hoover Dam.

Flagstaff is the largest city in Northern Arizona and serves as the Coconino County seat. Flagstaff is a tourist destination that many travellers use as a vacation home rentals Arizona when visiting one of the many Northern Arizona attractions. During Flagstaffs early days its (process of people making, selling, and buying things) was based on the (wooden planks, beams, etc.), (set of steel tracks for trains), and (cows, bulls, etc.) businesses, and was the largest city between Albuquerque and the west coast. Today Flagstaff is a hub to many distributors and has a heavy tourism industry.

Travelling less than 50 miles north of Flagstaff tourist will find the Wupatki National Monument and Sunset Crater (place on the Earth where red-hot liquid rocks, ash, and gas sometimes flow or explode out) National Monument. Wupatki National Monument includes many settlement places/locations created by Very old Pueblo People around 800 years ago. The Wupatki Pueblo is believed to be home to around 100 people and was permanently left alone around the year 1225. Tourists can walk among the ruins and check out how the very old people once lived. Sunset Crater (place on the Earth where red-hot liquid rocks, ash, and gas sometimes flow or explode out) National Monument is home to the Sunset Crater volcano-related cinder cone. The (place on the Earth where red-hot liquid rocks, ash, and gas sometimes flow or explode out) is believed to have (suddenly became visible/shot matter up and out) between 1080 and 1150 AD. Visitors can hike the lava flow trail and forest path.

Space rock (that falls to Earth) Crater is about 40 miles east of Flagstaff and is a popular tourist destination. Space rock (that falls to Earth) Crater is privately owned and therefore not a national monument. It is believed that the crater was formed 50,000 years ago and was discovered by settlers in the 19th century. (At first/before other things happened) the crater was believed to be a (place on the Earth where red-hot liquid rocks, ash, and gas sometimes flow or explode out). NASA space travellers trained in the crater in the 1960s to prepare for the Apollo moon mission. Visitors can walk along the rim of the crater and explore the visitor centres many attractions.

Travelling south of Flagstaff you will find Montezuma Castle National Monument and the famous (for something bad) Arizona red rocks. Montezuma Castle is located near the town of Camp Verde about 60 miles from downtown Flagstaff. Montezuma is not a (huge, fancy, stone house) and Montezuma was born 100 years after the location was left alone. Montezuma is an amazing cliff house/living that house up to 50 people and built by the Sinagua around 1425 AD.

The Arizona Red Rocks and Sedona are about 40 miles from downtown Flagstaff. Sedona is a destination city of its own, and host many fine cabin rentals near me such as resorts and spas. Here you can visit Oak Creek Canyon, Red Rock and Slide Rock state parks.

Travelling west of Flagstaff you will find one of the most famous Williams vacation rental destinations in the world. The Grand Canyon National Park is about 80 miles from Flagstaff.

Wildlife Northern Arizona is a (many different kinds of people or things) area home to different types of wildlife. No visit to the area is complete without some wildlife watching. At any time of year, you can see a broad range of animals that are native to Northern Arizona.

Winter in northern Arizona is anything but lonely and empty. In the winter months, put on a pair of snowshoes and take a silent walk through the woods to view wildlife. You can hear Abert's squirrels moving through the (cloth covering that shelters) if you listen closely. You can also hear downy and hairy woodpeckers, dark-eyed juncos and excellent jay.

If you're looking into buying a parcel of land to have your own ranch or farm, northern Arizona is an excellent option. It has a beautiful Home vacation rentals Flagstaff to plentiful (a group of similar living things) of wildlife and amazing scenery. Nature lovers who want to escape the daily grind and build their dream homes in the countryside are going to this area because of its gorgeous (wide views of nature scenes/wide areas of beautiful land) and in a good mood climate.
In part 2 of his Clinton-Dix/Amos comparison Youth Devin Hester Jerseys , Robert S. their new defenses."Being who you thought we were since 2005!Log In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsBearsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsThe Bears DenNotesXs and OsSuperfansNFL Free AgencyXs and OsVideoFilm Study Part 2: Comparing Clinton-Dix and Amos’ Defensive FitsNew,13commentsIn part 2 of his Clinton-Dix/Amos comparison, Robert S. looks at how Amos and HCD fit into their new defenses.CDTShareTweetShareShareFilm Study Part 2: Comparing Clinton-Dix and Amos’ Defensive FitsMike DiNovo-USA TODAY SportsHey Bears’ fans, welcome to part 2 of my breakdown of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Adrian Amos. In part one I analyzed each players’ play individually before concluding that Amos was the better player. That said, I also mentioned that I couldn’t evaluate which of them would play better without looking at how they fit into their new defenses. So let’s do just that, starting off with...Adrian Amos and the PackersHere are a few stills of the defense Green Bay employed against Seattle (after Clinton-Dix was traded). Take a look at how they line up.As you can see, Green Bay employed a lot of single-high concepts while occasionally using two deep safeties. I would’ve thought they’d switch to more two-deep concepts once Clinton-Dix left, but Pettine kept his defense relatively consistent. I think this means that we can expect the Packers’ defense to continue using plenty of single-high looks going forward.This actually makes me worry a bit for Amos — I think that Amos, while a very talented safety, plays his worst football in single-high coverage. As discussed in part one, his lack of instinct makes him slow to react to deeper throws and ultimately keeps him from reaching the ball soon enough to stop long gains. Amos theoretically has the speed to play the position, but that speed doesn’t translate into enough range to properly defend the edges (which you need out of a single-high safety). I think the best path to forming a great Packer secondary would be to draft a FS-type to pair with Amos. From there, count on corner development, set aside Amos’s high contract value, and leave him to work in the box where he’s at his best. This would allow him to continue supporting the run and forcing plays deep, which the drafted safety could capitalize on. I say this because they need a ball hawk badly; the Packers were tied for 2nd worst in the NFL last year with 7 INTs. Of those 7 INTs, Green Bay’s safeties only caught 3 of them. Who caught those 3? Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.Bottom line, the Packers shouldn’t make Adrian Amos something he’s not or they’ll regret it. But enough about Green Bay, let’s talk about...Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and the BearsHere are a few stills I took from various games throughout the year — note the pre/post snap looks against Seattle.While no one knows what exactly the Bears’ D will look like (due to the departure of Vic Fangio), almost every Bears defensive play involved two safeties of varied depth. They’d work to disguise FS/SS responsibility and often ended up in a high-low formation during the play. This left one safety deep (usually Jackson) and one safety closer to the line of scrimmage (usually Amos).The trouble here is that I’m not sure where Clinton-Dix fits — while you’d obviously think he’d do well as the high safety, Eddie Jackson’s emergence as one of the league’s best deep safeties could push Clinton-Dix into a more box-oriented role. As we’ve discussed, that’s not his forte.This has led me to believe that the Bears may have more faith in Deon Bush more than we realize — Bush is Devin Hester Jerseys Stitched , for those who don’t know, a hard-hitting 4th year S that impressed in camp before starting our final 3 games of the season. He is, as a colleague of mine coined him, “a poor man’s Adrian Amos”.Take a look at how well he comes downfield to hit in the following video package.Bush’s first three starts displayed much of the same range, tenacity, and hitting prowess that made Adrian Amos so successful. It may sound simple, but I was especially impressed with how Bush’s tackling rarely gave up extra yardage to runners. He seemed to struggle a bit in his first start (SF), but by the playoff game looked as if he felt much more comfortable attacking downhill.Bush also showed better coverage capabilities than I expected, especially considering I’d heard he was terrible while defending the pass. Note how on 3rd and Goal in the playoffs Foles looks for Ertz first — Bush has him covered, forcing Foles to Jeffery instead. Regardless of his assignment’s simplicity, it’s good to see Bush hold up under pressure with the stakes as high as they were. While his coverage skills aren’t above average, he doesn’t come across as an outright liability.But remember, Deon Bush is not a man without flaws. Throughout his first 3 starts he missed a tackle, took a bad angle, and allowed underneath gains through the air. Were these new-starter mistakes? We’d hope so, but 3 years of failing to break into the defensive rotation suggests Bush might “just not have it”. 3 mistakes don’t define a player, of course, but I want to be clear that Bush’s tape shows plenty of room for improvement.Overall I won’t be shocked to see Pagano use Bush as a hitter in dime/big nickel packages in 2019. With Clinton-Dix and Jackson back deep, Bush would support the defense against the runs and short passes that Clinton-Dix struggles against. Frankly, I won’t be surprised if we see Bush sub in for Clinton-Dix against run-heavy formations either. I say all this because scouting Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Deon Bush made one thing crystal clear to me: the Bears signed Clinton-Dix to ensure they have depth at Free Safety in case Eddie Jackson gets hurt again. Philadelphia victimized Amos (not Bush) throughout the playoff game, so Ryan Pace responded by ensuring the Bears’ safety room includes more than one deep playmaker. Put another way, the safety tandems of Jackson+Clinton-Dix Youth Prince Amukamara Jerseys , Jackson+Bush, and Clinton-Dix+Bush are all better than the pair of Bush+Amos, and I don’t think that’s by accident.Final ThoughtsAdrian Amos’s success in Green Bay will all depend on how he’s used. Amos can provide plenty of stability to the Packers’ secondary so long as he’s not asked to be “the star ball hawk”. If he’s asked to be play deep too often, I think he’ll fail. But if they let him play his game, if they let him clean up short passes while offering his brand of run support, I think he’ll be the leader they paid 36 million dollars for. Draft a safety that plays the ball in the air well and Green Bay will have a defensive backfield worth paying attention to.Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, on the other hand, has plenty of upside to bring to the Bears so long as his deficiencies are covered for. Because of his struggles tackling downfield, Ha Ha requires the support of a true tackler beside him — I think Deon Bush could serviceably play that role in 2019. The departure of Vic Fangio makes the defense impossible to predict, but Pagano’s love of defensive backs makes me comfortable thinking that we could see more DB-heavy formations than we have in the past. I also don’t think that the Clinton-Dix signing rules out the Bears drafting a safety this year etiher — both Bush and Clinton-Dix’s contracts end after 2019, so drafting a safety now would give him a year to learn the defense before taking over full-time next to Jackson in 2020. Considering how cap-constrained the Bears’ future looks, I would imagine that’s the plan they have in mind.Adrian Amos and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix are both good players with unusual fits in their new teams’ defenses. Each has clear strengths and weaknesses that they bring to their new clubs and it’s up to those clubs to use them well. I believe that Amos can be a leader in the Packers’ secondary so long as his deep weakness is covered for, and I believe that Clinton-Dix can make the most of his ball-hawking ability given the defensive talent that’ll surround him. I don’t think there’s a clear winner in the 2019 Bears-Packers Safety Swap just yet, but I am pretty sure of one thing: September 5th, 2019 will tell us a lot about both players, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Every week will be a legitimate battle when the season gets underway."The 2019 NFL schedules are officially out in the world, and the Atlanta Falcons know exactly when and where they’ll need to be for game days this fall. The good news is that the Falcons, as they always do, have a good chance in every game they play in. They’re a really good football team at full strength and have a pretty complete roster and revamped coaching staff to work with now. But the hard part is they’ve gotten a bit of the short end of the stick with their schedule draw. This is as hard a schedule as we’ve seen in ages, though that’s going with 2018 institutional knowledge. The hard part with making schedule predictions is exactly that. Some teams get better; other teams fall off the face of the earth. Some stay their persnickety selves and give you fits you’d rather avoid. You just can’t tell, but we’ll do our best to size up the competition as it’s been scheduled and give you the best idea of where all of this is headed. September a balanced bearYou always like to get some hard games out of the way, and the Falcons can benefit from doing just that. They open the season on the road with the Minnesota Vikings Prince Amukamara Jerseys Stitched , who always present a tough matchup. That vaunted 2017 defense faded a bit in 2018, and the offense struggled to be consistent. But it’s Week 1, and anything can happen. Like Atlanta, they’ll be looking to rebound. The bright lights roll into Atlanta for the home opener with the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2, and we don’t really need to get into recent history with those dadgum Eagles. Needless to say, it’ll be a game. Funny enough, it’ll be the first time the team has faced Carson Wentz since 2016. A road trip to see the rejuvenated Indianapolis Colts is in store for Week 3, which will undoubtedly be a toss-up. Dan Quinn has had his struggles against AFC opponents in the past, and the Colts are on the up-and-up after a strong finish in 2018. Andrew Luck, when he’s on, is hard to stop, and that defense came out of nowhere last season without a lot of talent to spare. The Tennessee Titans will take the short flight to Atlanta in Week 4 to close out the month. The Titans tend to be a “wait-and-see” team each year, though they have places where they can hurt you. Marcus Mariota is tenacious and can win games by himself. Record prediction: The Falcons have a lot to prove, and traditionally get off to strong starts under Quinn. We’ll say they go 3-1, only dropping a close road match to the Colts. No game will be a breather, though. October just as scary As if life could slow down any, Atlanta heads on the road twice before heading home for a tricky two-game home stand against two playoff teams. The team heads down to Texas to meet former Falcons ball boy Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans to open the month. The Texans were one of the AFC’s best teams last year, with Watson and DeAndre Hopkins two of the more dangerous players they’ll see all season. That defense is no joke, either, with the revitalized J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney leading the pass rush. The late afternoon road game to see the Arizona Cardinals, on paper, is the easiest in the bunch right now Youth Walter Payton Jerseys , but that could change of the team takes quarterback Kyler Murray and he comes out strong. They’ll say hello to former Falcons Robert Alford, Brooks Reed, and, indeed, Corey Peters this game. When they get home, two heavyweights from the NFC West await. The Super Bowl silver medalist Los Angeles Rams may have a bit of a hangover to shake off, but Sean McVay remains a dangerous offensive mind and Aaron Donald is still the best defensive player in the game. It’ll be a tough contest to navigate. The month closes with the Seattle Seahawks, who the Falcons traditionally play well against and have the advantage of playing in friendly confines. Russell Wilson just got a massive raise, and Frank Clark just sent a tweet that may hint those trade rumors will come true. Expect another tough afternoon here. Record prediction: October games typically aren’t the prettiest football Atlanta plays in this iteration of the team, and it’s a grind of a month at that. We think they’ll go 2-2, getting wins against the Cardinals and Seahawks. The Rams game goes close, but is just one of those you’re frustrated they let slip away. November a set of familiar foesAs you might have heard, the Falcons transition into a stretch of five straight divisional games at this point of the season. It’s not ideal! But really, it’s an easier run than what they start out with, and you want your easier games pushed toward the back end of the schedule. The bye week is Week 9, followed by a Week 10 trip down to New Orleans to face the archrival Saints. The Falcons have gotten pulverized in their last two meetings in the Superdome, so you can sure bet the team will be eager to rectify that, or at least put up a better fight. That’s followed by a Week 11 game with the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, which is winnable, if always a nervous conquest. Cam Newton has moments of brilliance and moments of errant play, so it just depends which Cam we get. That defense is also a wild card. Then comes the Bruce Arians-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in Week 12, who should be much better coached this fall. Can Jameis Winston put it together this season? It’s good the team gets its first look at this version of the Bucs in Atlanta before they have to play them on the road. The month closes with another Thanksgiving Day parade with the rival Saints at home in prime time for Week 13. Surely the team can even the score after getting grilled last November in front of the whole world. Record prediction: Let’s go with 3-1. We’re going to Walter Payton Jerseys Stitched , hopefully not haphazardly, predict a win in Carolina. They split with the Saints, and get a close one against the Bucs.December no cake walkThe month of December gets going in Week 14 with a home stand against the Carolina Panthers, which, again, can always go either way. The team has topped Carolina in Atlanta each time since 2015, which is a good sign. The team heads out to San Francisco to take on a mysterious 49ers team in Week 15, one that didn’t have quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to lead it last season. Former Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan still calls a nasty game, and that defensive line is going to figure it out at some point. They’ll see old friend Tevin Coleman this week, unfortunately now back on Shanny’s chess board.In Week 16, the team then hosts the Jacksonville Jaguars, another enigma wrapped in a riddle. The team got close at a Super Bowl berth in 2017 before disappearing in 2018. The offense is not amazing, but the defense is still ferocious on paper. That’ll be an important game to score early. And just like last season, the year closes with a trip out to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers. This Bucs team won’t be like the other ones, so don’t be upset if they split the record this year. Arians is a great coach! Record prediction: We hate to say it, but 2-2 is a distinct reality. They could easily drop that 49ers trip, as Shanahan knows this team well. Ditto goes for the Bucs trip; it just feels like they’ll lose one to Arians this season. So that’s the schedule. This puts the team at 10-6, which could mean a lot of things. 10-6 is nothing to be ashamed of on a schedule like this; it shows a three-game improvement from 2018 and should be enough to at least punch a spot for the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Let us know below how you think this schedule shapes up. We’ll see how these prognostications hold up one the season gets going in September.
COSTA MESA Youth Mike Williams Jerseys , Calif. (AP) — with a fan who insisted he was Todd Gurley.The Los Angeles Chargers‘ durable running back doesn’t look a whole lot like his Los Angeles Rams counterpart. That didn’t dissuade the fan, he recalled with a grimace.“I’m just starting to figure out that people just see a man with dreads and muscles and be like, ‘Oh, he’s such and such,'” Gordon said. “Because I get called Derrick Henry, too, and I don’t even look close to Derrick Henry, or Todd. … Sometimes you can be understandable, but when you argue with me about being that person, that’s when it’s an issue.”Heading into his fifth season in the Chargers’ backfield and his second year in LA, Gordon is poised to make sure everybody knows his name this fall.Gordon got better as last season went on for the Chargers, becoming fresher and more dangerous during their late surge into the playoff race. Looking back, Gordon realizes he improved because he got healthier — so he took steps to make sure he would be fresh from the start of training camp for the grind of the regular season.“I’m trying to do the most I can, because you never know,” Gordon said. “I feel good. I haven’t been feeling like this in a while now, for about a couple of years, and I’ve just been having to push through it. I think that little time I took off kind of helped me out a lot.”Gordon stayed away from the Chargers during part of organized team activities this year, altering his offseason preparations to keep himself fresh. He picked up a nagging knee injury early last season while pushing himself to impress first-year coach Anthony Lynn, and his season picked up speed only when the knee began to heal. His final five games of the season were outstanding, and he finished as the NFL’s seventh-leading rusher with a career-high 1,105 yards and eight touchdowns.Gordon credits his improved health for the surge Mike Williams Jerseys Stitched , but also his mental toughness.“I’ve always felt like it’s a mindset really toward the end of the year, how you approach it,” Gordon said. “Some guys go through those first eight weeks of the season, guys that are excited to play, excited to put on the uniform, but then it gets old. Then guys are trying to stay healthy, and then guys that were coming in trying to make those tackles aren’t really trying to make those tackles anymore. To me, my mindset is, I’m going to make you pay. You think it’s going to be a breeze your last eight weeks, and I’m going to turn it up.”Gordon has steadily evolved as a versatile back in his four NFL seasons since leaving Wisconsin. He also caught 58 passes for 476 yards last year, and he didn’t fumble all year until the season finale.“I thought he was healthy. That’s the biggest difference that I saw on Melvin,” Lynn said. “He looked healthy. He had some juice, and he’s a strong guy, has a lot of stamina. As the season went on, he just got stronger.”Along with his improved health, Gordon also expects to get a boost from the addition of center Mike Pouncey, a punishing run-blocker for the Miami Dolphins for the past seven seasons. The Chargers had one of the NFL’s worst yards-per-carry averages last season (3.8), and Pouncey could be a key to unlocking longer runs.“The way he gets to the second level for those blocks, it’s crazy,” Gordon said.The Chargers already picked up Gordon’s fifth-year contract option for 2019, but he knows the upcoming season will have a major impact on the length and size of his next contract — and he isn’t afraid of the scrutiny.Gordon realizes that his optimism and enthusiasm can be contagious for the Chargers Youth Dan Feeney Jerseys , but only when he’s healthy and productive. After appearing in all 16 games last fall for the first time in his career, he’s hoping for production to match Gurley or any other running back who kind of looks like him this fall.“I just see Melvin running around healthy,” Lynn said. “And when a guy is running around healthy, you know he’s in a different mindset. He’s having fun. He’s enjoying the game.”Efficiency is the name of Ekeler’s game It was almost one year ago to the day that Austin Ekeler took his first career carry 35 yards to the endzone against the eventual Super Bowl champion Eagles in last year’s week four contest.As fans erupted with joy and jubilation, it inevitably turned into reserved optimism because, as they say, “one carry does not a career make.” But a little less than 365 days later, we are still seeing flashes and feeling the residuals from that unexpected performance.Going into the Chargers 2018 season, Ekeler is no longer a former-UDFA coasting by on his strong 2017 preseason performance which landed him on that year’s final 53-man roster. He is now the solidified RB2 on this team and retains a vice-grip on his roster spot that doesn’t look to be relinquished anytime soon.It was expected that Ekeler would see an inflation in playing time this season, regardless if tight end Hunter Henry was healthy and available. In the Bolts’ first game of the 2018 season, many of the fan base’s expectations came to fruition, and then some.As a runner, Ekeler received just a handful of carries against the Chiefs (5) compared to Gordon (15). But true to form, Ekeler’s average yards per tote was almost double Gordon’s (7.8 to 4.3).As receivers, both backs were pelted with targets in their comeback attempt. Gordon caught 9 of his 13 targets for 102 yards, averaging 11.3 per catch, while Ekeler caught all five of his for 87 yards, a touchdown, and a very healthy 17.4 yards average.For the game, he averaged 12.6 yards per touch.Gordon’s average, albeit on more than twice the touches Dan Feeney Jerseys Stitched , was just 6.9.It will never seem fair to compare their boxscores unless the two start to record comparable workloads but this theme has stayed the same since way back into last season and I don’t think it can be ignored much longer.The most satisfying thing about watching Ekeler play football is that he just has that uncanny, uncoachable ability to make plays when the team needs it the most. It’s usually the main difference between the players that are kinda good and the great players, the players that are recalled occasionally and the ones you just cannot forget.In the above play, Gordon is out wide to the left with Keenan Allen in the slot. Ekeler runs a traditional go-route while Allen runs a fade towards the sideline. Allen’s route incidentally takes him to Ekeler and when Rivers lets it rip, you can’t really tell who he’s trying to throw it to.The ball is just out of reach for Allen but also looked to be short of Ekeler, as well. Unsurprisingly, Ekeler put enough distance between him and his defender off the line that he was able to come to a stop for a full second and allow the ball to land in his arms before the defender could get back into position.This play kicked off the team’s third drive of the game, arguably one of the most important drives of the entire game, as the Chargers found themselves in an early 14-3 hole and were needing points about as bad as Kyle Posey needs a “no credit card minimum” at happy hour.They needed a play. Ekeler answered the call.Unpopular opinion time: Ekeler is the team’s most successful power-back.Here me out.At the end of the day, it does not matter how strong or heavy a running back is if they cannot fall forward after runs and grind out the two or three-yard gains necessary to keep drives moving in critical situations. Ekeler, all 5-foot-10 and 200 pounds of him, wins in these situations more than not.There’s nothing too flashy about this play from Ek, but the ending is just one of a plethora of examples that showcase his ability to finish runs. The stiff-arm on LB Anthony Hitchens is a nice touch, as well.I’m throwing this last play in here for good measure to really hammer home how Ekeler has a such grasp on the little things that a player can do to tack on an extra yard or two at the end of plays.It’s just a simple hesitation before he gets skinny and splits the defenders but again, it’s always been the little things with #30. They add up. As cliche as it is to say, there’s a reason why coaches and leaders beat the sentiment into the ground.I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited. I’m excited to see if Ken Whisenhunt will continue to wise up and keep finding new and creative ways to get Ekeler on the field as the season goes on.I mean, and dare I say it, but good teams usually want their best running back on the field, right?

Saturday Nov 16, 2019

for 6/22/19." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesBleeding Green Nation homepageHorizontal - WhiteBleeding Green Nationa Philadelphia Eagles communityFollow Bleeding Green Nation online:Follow Bleeding Green Nation on TwitterFollow Bleeding Green Nation on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchBleeding Green Nation main menuFanpostsFanshotsEaglesOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Eagles StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Eagles NewsYahoo Eagles Team PageYahoo Eagles ReportYahoo Eagles Depth ChartYahoo Eagles TransactionsYahoo Eagles PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Eagles News: Zach Brown makes list of NFL’s best linebackersNew Youth Lane Johnson Jerseys ,114commentsPhiladelphia Eagles news and links for 6/22/19.EDTLet’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...The NFL’s 11 best linebackers - Touchdown WireThe Eagles lost star linebacker Jordan Hicks to the Cardinals in free agency in the offseason, but typical of Howie Roseman and his staff, there was a plan in place. That plan was to add Brown, the former Redskins standout who was signed to a one-year deal after Washington released him in a salary cap move. Bad news for the Redskins, who will certainly miss a guy who amassed nine pressures, 74 tackles, 17 assists and 35 catches allowed on 48 targets for 160 yards and no touchdowns. Coverage was an issue with Brown in previous years, but he really put that skill together last year, and that will serve him well in an Eagles defense requiring its linebackers to cover a ton of ground. One of the most assignment-correct linebackers in the NFL, Brown has a great ability to tear off to either sideline and still keep his body under control to make the tackle. There are few wasted steps and movements in anything he’s doing, whether he’s blitzing up the middle or taking a receiver down in slant/flat coverage.NFC East Outlook: The top player at every offensive position - BGNQUARTERBACK: Carson Wentz (Eagles. There’s a reason every time you see Dak Prescott’s stats favorably compared to other quarterbacks, they always include his rookie year. It’s because for the last two years he hasn’t been able to duplicate that success. Meanwhile, Wentz had a more typical rocky rookie season and followed up with two stronger performances than Prescott has been able to string together. This isn’t a matter of “Eagles writer favors Wentz”; you’ll be hard pressed to find a credible analyst, outside of the Cowboys media, that would argue Prescott is the better of the two. The question at this point comes down to future health and I’m not a doctor. The book isn’t fully written on those two, but if I had to pick right now, I’m going with Wentz.Special Guest Mike Garafolo - BGN RadioJohn Stolnis is joined by Mike Garafolo of NFL Network to talk Eagles, Wentz, the NFC East, playoff contenders and much more!Presented by SB Nation & Bleeding Green Nation.Eagles rookie NFL player comparisons: Clayton Thorson - PhillyVoiceBeing a fifth-round rookie quarterback, I tried to comp him to a career backup, but I really couldn’t come up with anyone that fit. The guy he sort of reminds me of that you’ve all heard of? Jay Cutler, minus the cannon arm. Let’s go through the similarities. Thorson and Cutler have similar size. Thorson is 6’4, 222, while Cutler was 6’3, 226 coming out of college. Their college careers were similar in many ways. They were both four-year starters at schools that are traditionally overmatched against their conference opponents. Thorson went to Northwestern; Cutler went to Vanderbilt. While both of those schools have occasional decent seasons, both quarterbacks didn’t have a lot of help from their skill position players or offensive lines during their tenures. Partly as a result of their lack of talent as well as their willingness to take shots down the field anyway, they both had bad completion percentage and INT numbers.Appreciating the Eagles, Vol. 2 - Iggles BlitzI’m not a huge NBA fan by any stretch, but it was frustrating to see how the Sixers handled the draft on Thursday night. Derek Bodner wrote an excellent piece for The Athletic, breaking down why the moves were bad or at the very least, highly questionable. The Eagles take every advantage possible when trying to win. They are the most creative team in the league when it comes to salary cap management and contracts. They are very thorough when it comes to scouting. You see coaches and scouts at almost every Pro Day. The team has one of the bigger front offices in the league. There is no cap on front office spending.Appreciating the marvelous talents of Jason Peters - PE.comIn his 16th NFL season, at the age of 37, Jason Peters knows how to ramp up to play football. He knows what it takes to get his body and his mind right, to work through the dance steps required to play left tackle. When the Eagles report to the NovaCare Complex on July 24 to begin the 2019 Training Camp, Peters will be there. He’ll be ready to ball. Among all the stories on this Eagles roster – and there are plenty, to be explored more in depth when camp opens – Peters is one of the more remarkable. You know about his transition from undrafted tight end to first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Fame left tackle, but his journey is more nuanced and, thus, to be appreciated more.What offseason? It’s a big mistake for NFL teams to make training camp less accessible to fans - The AthleticThe Philadelphia Eagles have taken a bad trend and made it worse. The Eagles will open their training camp to the public just once this summer, and it’ll come at a cost. To watch that one practice, at Lincoln Financial Field Lane Johnson Jerseys Stitched , fans will have to pay $10 and purchase the ticket through Ticketmaster. All proceeds will go to the Eagles Autism Fund, but the charitable aspect here should not allow the Eagles to escape criticism for this move. We might be able to find NFL games on television three nights a week all fall, but the league remains largely inaccessible to most fans — except during training camp. This is the one time where fans can sit in the grass or bleachers and watch practice, while kids can slap high fives and pose for pictures with and get their jerseys autographed by their favorite players. In Cleveland, you can watch Baker Mayfield sling it, then adopt a puppy! In Minnesota, your kids can play in a bouncy house while you sample all sorts of fried delicacies from food trucks parked near the practice fields. In Green Bay, a Packer might even ride your child’s bike! In Philadelphia? You can watch ONE scrimmage from the stands in a massive stadium. It’s not intimate, and it isn’t special.Are the 2019 Eagles better or worse along the offensive line? - NBCSPWhy they could be better: Healthy bodies. Noticing a trend in this series? The Eagles’ bad injury luck in 2018 hit the offensive line hard, even though the affected players somehow missed a grand total of one game. Jason Peters was coming off a torn ACL to begin with, then went on to exit somewhere around half the games early with various dings. Jason Kelce battled injuries all year, yet hardly missed a snap, and Lane Johnson only failed to suit up once when it turns out he wasn’t practicing pretty much the entire season. All three were already playing better down the stretch, a sign the unit was getting healthy. Kelce hasn’t missed a game since 2014, Johnson is traditionally very durable (suspensions notwithstanding) and Peters is another year removed from major knee surgery. Obviously, injuries can strike at any time, but 2019 is setting up as a clean slate for 60 percent of the Eagles’ front, which is a good sign.Gil Brandt has bad news for the New York Giants - Big Blue View1) Philadelphia Eagles. What puts the Eagles in the top spot isn’t just the roster assembled by GM Howie Roseman -- it’s the fact that so much core talent is locked into contracts through at least 2021. That core includes several who are considered among the best at their respective positions, like quarterback Carson Wentz (signed through 2024), defensive tackle Fletcher Cox (2022), tight end Zach Ertz (2021) and center Jason Kelce(2021). The Eagles are also at the point where the NFL draft can be used to build for the future rather than being relied upon as a source of players who can provide an immediate impact. For example, Philly was able to snag offensive tackle prospect Andre Dillard, who can essentially redshirt for a year while being groomed to replace Jason Peters next season, in this year’s draft.Alex Smith says he wants to continue his NFL career after major leg injury - Hogs HavenSmith also talked about the next steps after the external fixator is removed. He can begin jogging and learning how to run again. The plan is to play football again if and when he gets to that point. He has already started throwing a football. Smith said one of the biggest mental obstacles is regaining trust in his leg.Not Gone, but Forgotten: Who Has the Journeyman Backup QB Belt? - The RingerThe NFL is a humbling workplace. Chase Daniel was the EA Sports National Player of the Year in high school, not to mention a state champion in Texas high school football. In college he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In the NFL he does videos where a hat and sunglasses are enough for his teammates to not recognize him. The thing is he’s not really wearing a disguise. Imagine if you walked through your office wearing a hat and sunglasses and none of your coworkers recognized you. You’d probably think it was funny. Then, after you thought about it, you’d probably be sad.2018 YAC+ - Football OutsidersOur annual look at YAC+ reveals an unlikely new team atop the all-time leaderboards. Plus, a good year for rookie receivers, a weakness in the Seattle passing game, and a Farewell to Gronk.10 best bets for over and under Vegas NFL win totals in 2019 - SB NationIt’s win total time! Our experts offer up their favorite overs and unders for 2019....Social Media Information:BGN Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageBGN Twitter: Follow @BleedingGreenBGN Manager: Brandon Lee Gowton: Follow @BrandonGowtonBGN Radio Twitter: Follow @BGN_Radio CHICAGO — “Nah, that’s just what it is. If you follow the Philadelphia Eagles, if you follow our story, if you follow this whole season, that’s who we are.” In the visiting team locker room of Soldier Field, Timmy Jernigan describes how the underdog mentality has persisted in Philadelphia, even for the defending Super Bowl Champions. He’s dressed head to toe in a camo jumpsuit that would only be effective against a rainbow. A watch peeks out from underneath his cuff: it’s probably made of gold underneath all the diamonds.“Every week, in and out — even before the season got here! They was already saying we were gonna be a four, five loss team before the season even started. So ain’t nobody on our side. It’s us. We feel like it’s us versus everybody. Point blank.”Three things matter about that sentiment. It’s shared by every player in the locker room. It’s not necessarily accurate. And the truth of it doesn’t matter at all: the Philadelphia Eagles are enough for themselves.It is one thing to be impervious to opponent, agnostic of circumstance; it is another to grow stronger as the odds tilt further away from your favor. Ever feared is the pressure to repeat, which has broken many a Super Bowl champion — but it only adds fuel to a Philadelphia fire that burns almost exclusively in spite. In spite of point spreads, in spite of injuries Youth Paul Worrilow Jerseys , in spite of the differences from last season that we all thought would matter. A weakened pass rush, ragtag running backs, an offensive coordinator beleaguered. As long as it counts against the Eagles, it counts for them in the end.That spirit of David, a trail of slain Goliaths behind him as he searches for a yet bigger giant to fell, roars louder in nobody than in quarterback Nick Foles’ meekness. In the past two seasons, Nick Foles has played in seven games that were essentially playoff elimination games — he is undefeated and unassuming. A calm baritone at the podium, Foles shifts his weight and checks his laces as another question comes his way.“No, not really that.” Foles was asked if he draws confidence from the feeling that he’s been there before, when he finds himself at the foot of another insurmountable peak. “What I learned on those stages is how to calm myself in a chaotic moment. When, from the outside world, there’s a ton of pressure, [I] just really simplify it in my head, getting in the huddle, looking at the guys I trust. [I] know that it’s all on the line for us, and we’re gonna get the job done. It’s just belief in one another.”Is it that simple? Perhaps it is. If belief in one another, the brotherhood forged over a season’s worth of disappointment and resilience, wins games in the fourth quarter — as Nick Foles claims it does — then no wonder this 3rd-round journeyman, this sheepish enigma of a man continues to spit in the face of regression and reason. All he can talk about is how the year builds relationships and fosters faith; how he knows someone will step up for every interception he throws; how blessed he is to wear this jersey at least one more week.The Eagles are a team of underdogs, the next round of playoffs and week of media uncertainty the forces that conspire against them; but Nick Foles alone staves off another inevitability, a personal battle. This offseason, he will again wade out into the waters of NFL franchises, looking for ground as solid and tenable as that on which he built his home, his church, his acropolis in Philadelphia. With every win, the expiring Nick Foles that wears the number 9 in midnight green fends off the next Nick Foles, wearing different colors and a different number, again uncertain as to his role and his future.That is the battle that emboldens Foles in the ultimate moments, the inflection points. With the game on the line, the football mind looks for a gamer like Baker Mayfield, a magician like Aaron Rodgers, a champion like Tom Brady; yet it cannot doubt Nick Foles. Like an eclipse, he’s a convergence of those three bodies — champion, magician, gamer — but only for a certain, splendid moment. Who could you have selected over Nick Foles, who became the best passer in playoff history on the same day he extended his career-long streak of games with an interception? Who could you have explained in favor over the inexplicable?Who could you have chosen to coach these Philadelphia Eagles, these rowdy underdogs, over Doug Pederson? The fearless iteration of Andy Reid’s genius, the consolation prize after since-expunged Ben McAdoo, the last man standing atop a hill of 2016 head coaching hires. Pederson tells his team in the locker room after the Bears win: “You were built for this” — he may well be referring to himself. Six months ago, Pederson told his team to embrace the target Youth Derek Barnett Jerseys , welcome the compulsion to repeat, the title they had to defend. They seemed to be shaking off the underdog mentality, embracing their place at the summit — instead, they were once again stacking odds against themselves, mustering the pressure that would lead to their explosive rise.It was Pederson’s message in press conferences after the Titans loss, the Panthers loss, the Cowboys loss: this team is just a few plays away. He preached execution and spurned missed opportunities — like the dropped interception in the end zone from Tre Sullivan, the two Foles picks in scoring territory, or the post-play penalty from Michael Bennett that extended an eventual scoring drive for the Bears. For a team that seemed to be giving away its magic, surrendering close drives and close games en route to a failed NFC East repeat, Doug never wavered on his message: we just have to finish.The ball finally did bounce Philadelphia’s way: three times on Sunday night. Once off the crossbar, once off the upright, and once off Treyvon Hester’s extended finger. In a game in which they entrenched in hostile territory, out-gained, and without a turnover, they were again saved by some divine confluence of justs: the ball was tipped just enough, it ricocheted just so, and the Eagles just scraped by.But it doesn’t feel like the Eagles are a team that snuck in, a playoff imposter. Rather those three bounces, that double-doink miss of a millennia, seemingly sealed Philadelphia’s invincibility. The adrenaline junkie feels the fullness of life with every brush against death; Philadelphia has never seemed stronger because they’ve never strained their defining character — luck, moxie, fate, belief, whatever it is — to such a back-breaking degree. The deeper you dive into dark waters, the sweeter the air tastes when you break the surface again. If this game couldn’t break them, then Philadelphia will never die. They may lose — the Saints are among the toughest of teams the Eagles have faced, over this sensational two-year run — but they will never die. The lore of the underdog era has been etched in the hearts of the city and the team, and as such they cannot be discouraged by an injured starter, weakened by an opponent’s strength, flummoxed by their own impossible persistence, or discounted until the clock reads zeros — and even then, you should double-check. They are miraculous. They are immortal. They are lightning struck twice. The new norm for Philadelphia is abnormal, incomprehensible, and wicked fun. It is the worst of hope and the best of doubt, a blindfolded ride on a roller-coaster that has to end someday, but not this day, not today. “That’s just what it is,” Timmy Jernignan tells us. “That’s just who we are.”