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There is a bitten apple on the

There is a bitten apple on the table Marlboro Lights, how sorry! A sweet and sweet apple is so bitten How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, anyone will regret it. Looking at it, I seem to have seen my own broken life.was a hot afternoon, I played bikes with my friends, and the hot sun forced us to go to the store - thirsty, to buy water. We have put together the money, a total of three, not enough to buy two bottles of water, what should I do? Friend suggestion: steal! Silent, can a good student like me and a good student do this anecdote? But my throat is not arguing! No matter what, the overall situation is the priority! friend took out the money and deliberately blocked the line of sight in front of the cashier Marlboro Menthol 100S, and I sneaked in. I crept open the freezer, took out a bottle of milk tea, and carefully closed the freezer, to do the hardest thing - go out. I hid the milk tea into my clothes and kept breathing deeply. Hey, no one, I jumped into the snack zone like a murderer who was guilty of guilty things - there are fewer people here. I am looking around, not good! There are sales staff! The sales clerk walked slowly from me for the simple reason that I pretended to pick the goods. Safe, I came to my friend and said, "Yeah, my stomach hurts, accompany me to the toilet!" Then he took the milk tea in his stomach and left.ough my throat is cool, my heart is sour - it is stealing!looked at this apple that was missing a small piece and seemed to see that I was missing a big piece of life. December 15th, a special day, because that day is our school and our birthday. Every year on December 15th, we have to hold a collective birthday, this is my happiest day!2 o'clock, the collective birthday started as soon as possible. We were a group of six people and started to origami and cut paper Parliament a beautiful sister. She turned out to be a special guest of our class! After a while, my sister said that I want to play the game of playing drums and flowers with us. Whoever is going to perform Newport Cigarettes Price, we have to perform a program. We played for several rounds, that is, it didn��t reach me. I felt boring. At this time, the sandbags arrived. I am, I hurriedly threw it to the classmate next to me. "Afraid" the sound stopped, and it was passed to where Du Tengfei went. Then he said a cross talk with Yan Yifan. Suddenly, the class became a joy. Ocean. After a few rounds, the game is over.lly had a cake in the pot. After we finished the cake, we smeared each other on the face, which was fun.
After eating the cake, we went down the activity. We danced the rabbit dance together. After the flies, it��s going to be out of school soon, we��re still in love...

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