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"Tonight, I don't know

"Tonight, I don't know what kind of ghosts are there in the group of appliances?" I - only the little bee said to himself. In fact, I am the little bee, my name is Cong Cong. Why did I just say that those electrical appliances have to quarrel? Because those appliances always like to fight for it. I don��t know the content of the contest �C because I was born shortly, specifically listening to the adults. The adults said: In the past few years, they have become a "world war" in the living room. The result is that only the bees are going to clean up the mess. I thought this was over, but I didn��t expect it to, my friends, Kang Kang and Lin Lin, and Ming Ming were asleep, suddenly awakened by a noise. We flew over and listened. the owner does not store food through me, those foods have long rotted, so I said that I have the greatest credit! You see, now every household has basically me Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online." The refrigerator said with high anger. ��?" The microwave said aloud, "Just rely on your three-legged cat effort, you can also be called the boss. If people don't buy so much food, how much to eat, you can't use it. You see Now, with me, the big brother of the oven and the induction cooker are retiring quickly Cigarettes For Sale. Therefore, I am the most functional, most convenient and most practical appliance!" The microwave oven said with a smile. At this time, a bamboo stick walked over and said: "Yes! Thanks to the big sister of the microwave oven, I have a place to use. The oven is dirty and smelly Carton Of Newports. I don't want to be in his body! The microwave oven got the bamboo stick. Like the praise of the spring, the tail is going up to the sky.oven that has always been silent is angry: "You all shut up for me, how can the microwave oven be so bad, not just a few more samples! Do you have to talk about it? Besides, people are not We improved between the induction cooker and the oven. It stands to reason that the microwave oven should be our two apprentices Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes.other few also started to sing, yeah! Yes! If there are not a few of us, can you still appear in this world?microwave oven is not happy: " are clearly licking my talents, I am very rare to tell you."is time, the TV set also said: "If you don't have me, the master can't watch these TV programs every day, you can't understand the national events, so my credit is the biggest." The computer spoke again: "TV dude, you are so A little bit of martial arts is still a good idea to show up, not afraid of others saying that you 'painted BB cream into the coffin - dead face! '- This is the post for me to create, your skills I will have long been And the little master can also write the text on it, check the information, play the game! The master has to do anything, I am received a question: "I don't know if the little master has become a four-eyed pheasant." "The little master has become a four-eyed pheasant Online Cigarettes. Isn't there your credit?" The computer said with a red face.r conditioner also Electric asked: "Why?"u all said that you are useful. In the end, isn't it to lie to yourself? I can help you to dissipate heat! Now everyone should not fight for you to be strong and weak. We have their own strengths and are useful for humans!" electric appliances finally understood the truth and went to work honestly.riend and I seem to understand this for a while, and now we can sleep quietly.
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