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To troubleshoot the printer error message you can reset the print spooler. It may possible that print spooler is not running when you try to install it. If you find that after reset the print spooler still the error doesn’t fix. Then it may be your printer’s driver has corrupted and need a solution. Uninstall & reinstall the HP printer driver if you find it corrupted. To print the documents you need to resolve the print spooler issue. Learn how to reset the spooler of HP printer from HP Printer customer care
Get your printer up and running again by fixing your print spooler settings.
Step 1.Tap the “start” button of the printer and in the search field type “Services.msc” & press enter.

Step 2.In the service, the list scrolls down & search the print spooler option. To open the print spooler double click on it.

Step 3.Tap to “Stop” button and click to “OK.” Now the spooler temporary stopped so you can reset it.

Step 4.Here you need to tap on the “Start” button & in search box type “%WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers.” Hit the enter button.

Step 5.From the pops up folder delete all the files.

Step 6.Return to the print spooler setting by a tap on “Start” button. In the start search file type “Services.msc” & enter.

Step 7.Double click on the print spooler and open it.

Step 8.Tap on the start to reset the print spooler. Click the “OK” button.

Hope these steps will resolve the problem of print spooler. Check your HP printer and if the printer is not working again & send the same message. You can opt for HP printer tech support. With the help of professionals, users can fix all printer issues whenever they want. You can contact HP Printer customer Care number for further queries and assistance.
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