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UV radiation promotes formation of liver spots

UV radiation promotes formation of liver spots

The main environmental factor for the development of liver spots in children is obviously the total duration of sun exposure and thus the cumulative UV dose. It does not matter if children receive this UV dose in Germany or on vacation in countries with a high UV index. Especially fair-skinned children whose parents have many liver spots need effective sunscreen. Sunscreen alone is not enough.

It is known that most liver spots form during childhood. With the number of liver spots increases the risk of getting skin cancer in adulthood. So far, especially sunburns in childhood were the main factor favoring liver spots. But also UV doses that do not cause burning, promote the development of liver spots. And: sunscreen does not protect against liver spots.

These are important findings from a three-year prospective study of 1,232 children between the ages of two and seven. Dr. Jürgen Bauer from the University Department of Dermatology Tübingen and his colleagues from Tübingen and the University of Bochum counted the liver spots in the children at the beginning of the study and found the main type.

Parents were also asked about children's sunburns, recreational activities such as ball games, swimming, sunbathing and vacations, and calculated scores for sun exposure (Int J Cancer 115, 2005, 121).

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Result: In the course of three years, a median of 25 new moles developed among the children. Especially fair-skinned children and those with many freckles were affected. The type of UV radiation (intermittently high on holiday in countries with a high UV index or chronic moderate in Germany) was not decisive.

If your birthmark looks like that, you should definitely go to the doctor

Every year around 200,000 people in Germany contract skin cancer. Age and gender do not matter. If the dermatologist discovers a birthmark that is still in the early stage of cancer, he can usually remove it without any problems.

A birthmark affected by skin cancer is difficult to distinguish from a harmless one. VIP News expert and dermatologist Christoph Liebich points out that there are some signs that you can look out for yourself. To do this, simply apply the ABCDE rule.

The ABCDE rule can help

A stands for asymmetry: Benign moles are round and symmetrical. Striking is therefore an asymmetrical shape.
B stands for limitation: The limitation of a birthmark should be sharp. Striking is a jagged or irregular boundary, that is, when dark spots and light skin contrast with each other without contrast.

C stands for Color or Color: Normal is a uniform color. Very piebald or dark moles are considered suspicious.
D stands for diameter: Suspicious are birthmarks that grow or are larger than 5 mm. However, melanomas can be smaller.
E stands for development: If a birthmark suddenly develops within 6 weeks, this is questionable.

In a statement from the University Hospital Tübingen, the dermatologist points out that while sunscreens reduce the risk of sunburn and other non-fatal types of skin cancer. However, sunscreen alone can not protect against liver spots. In addition, sun-abstinence at lunchtime and skin protection by adequate clothing are recommended.

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